osku -70The Cooperative farmers studies in good time before start of the season the seed lists to find the most suitable varieties the next season.


We use the the following varieties of crops:

Afra, Asterix, Carrera, Challenger, Inova, Jelly, Lady Felicia, Marabel, Melody, Rikea, Rosamunda, Siikli.


We also carry out small experimental growing tests of other varieties.


In October, after the potato harvest, samples of the harvest is quality tested, including a review of external quality and cooking characteristics of all the different potato varieties, which are stored in cold-stores for the next season.



Potatoes are packed according to size and amount of starch in either yellow, red or green bags.

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Yellow bags contain potatoes for allround use and are suitable for all kinds of meals.


Red bags indicate potatoes with a larger amount of starch and makes for good baked potatoes.


Green bags holds potatoes most suited for soups.